The most common porn categories American love to search for

Americans have outdone themselves when it comes to viewing pornography. That’s according to statistical data released by adult sites and search engines. Both help paint a better picture about what folks in America watched the most in porn. Data shows the average American person spent almost 11 minutes every time they visited an adult site. What was really interesting though, was the categories they spent time watching most.


MILF & Mature – Older women are in and people want to see more of them. MILF porn videos are among the most popular in adult sites. Folks all over have a thing for mature women who are sexy, hot and horny. Fantasizing about banging a big boob teacher, waitress or next door mom type neighbor is on many Americans minds. Both categories flew past others in the number of searches they obtained and views.

Lesbian – Something about two women kissing, licking and sucking on one another that catches people’s attention. This category managed to become one of the most searched for ever. Ironically, straight women watched more lesbian porno than any other kind. Men also love looking at girl-on-girl smut. That includes threesomes, scissoring, squirting and other lesbian related sex acts.

Teen – While the teen porn category dropped a few points last year, it is still one of the most popular. This has been the case for decades as people all over love to see teen girls engaged in sex. Women who appear to look younger than their age are perfect examples. Most of those pornstars rise to the top based on their teen looks. Sites have scads of teen related sexually explicit content. The most viewed include teen masturbation, anal, step sister teen and several others.

Ebony – Everyone likes their coffee black or at least with some milk in it. The black porn category is faved by many who love to see interracial porn. Others simply want to see black porn videos depicting women with big butts and tits. On the other side of the coin, there are those who like it because of the black men. They want to see black males with huge cocks destroy women of all ethnicities.


Step Sister – It appears there are a ton of folks who fantasize about banging their hot step sister. This category has risen up the past few years. So much so that there’s even a step fantasy genre becoming popular as well.

Hentai – People who watch porn have always loved Japanese related content. But no one would expect it to be in animated form. Yet that is the case when it pertains to the widely loved Japanese hentai. It has managed to rise and remain popular. The appeal comes from hentai’s ability to create any kind of sexual acts or fantasies.

Step Mom – Both the mom and step mom genres get a lot of search activity. Some attribute it to the MILF factor. Others simply feel that it is part of fetishes or a hidden fantasy. Either way, step mom porno is being embraced by many who watch adult content.

In addition to these genres, other popular ones are Threesome, Asian, Big Ass, Cartoon, Mom, Massage and Japanese as well.