Things to know if you want to date a black woman

Dating a black woman is a choice that you can make on your own. As a white man, you may receive a lot of negativity from your family, circle of friends, and colleagues, but it is you who will be dating a black woman, and not them. Of course, you need to understand that black women are different from white women. The approach you have for courting a white girl may not work on a black woman, so better be ready for what you are getting into. And if she’s worth it, then find out more on how you can win her heart, and later her hand.


A black woman is used to the treatment of black men, and so she will expect you to be bold in what you say or do. The remarkable subtleness most white guys have in courting white girls will not work on the strong black girls and so better up your game and be blunt about your intentions. However, don’t overdo things, just be bold enough to measure up to a black girl, but don’t go as far as changing your personality just to get the girl.


Man UP

The myth is alive and kicking about the strong virility of black men in bed, but don’t get too caught up with that and concentrate instead on making sure that you know how to satisfy your black girl. Though black men are known to be strong lovers, they have a weakness for foreplay, and black women just loves foreplay. They want to feel the sensations building up through foreplay, especially when you “go down”, and so do what you do best and be your own man. Man up, and stop stressing about the fear of not able to live up to the expectations of a black girl.



Black girls are strongly passionate about their clothes, makeup, especially with their hair. So if you want to make a good impression, always make sure that you compliment her about her physical appearance, most specifically about her hair. Black women have a thing for their hair, and they are known to take special care of it more than white girls do. They also have a certain taste in music that you may not understand, but when you are still on the courtship stage, do not ask lots of questions about their fashion sense, music, and hair.

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