Why white women are sexually attracted by black men

They say that love knows no race, age, color of the skin, or religion. Love always comes with sexual attraction, but sexual attraction can stand alone without love. So why indeed white women are get sexually attracted by the virile black men?

An act of defiance

For many centuries, black men were forbidden to court or be with a white woman. They are severely punished if they so, and decades ago, the interracial marriage was prohibited, until the law was passed in 1967 to completely legalize the interracial marriages in the United States. Because for the longest time black men are taboo for white women, the curiosity of the white women for the black men rises, and as an act of defiance of the previous unfairness to the black people, white women find it easy to have sexual attraction to black men, mostly because women loves to defy the norms.



There is a myth that black men have larger endowments below compared to white men. The myth lived for many decades, making white women grow anxious to find out. The virility of the black men in bed has spread throughout the world, and white women are just dying to find out if that is indeed true. That excitement alone provides a gateway to sexual attraction from white women to black men. They say that black men lasts longer in bed, and they are strong as bulls in their wanton sexual act. Though black men are known to have the high pride and not “go down” on women, they have the sexual prowess to perform in bed that white women finds extremely arousing.


Force of nature

Well, bottom line is, sexual attraction is not something that can be bought from a store, nor can it be engineered in the system. White women are sexually attracted to black men because they felt that unmistakable force of nature that they do. Sometimes it really does not have anything to do with the color of the skin or the race, but it is simply a sexual attraction. A white girl can meet a black man who has physical attributes that she wants in a man, like handsome, pouting lips, square jaw, and other physical feature. There is no accurate scientific explanation in getting the hormones ride in waves in looking desirable at someone, it just happens. Simple as that.

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