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Hello Boyos and Chicas!

I am currently on the road back to shooting and having a great time doing so! Had a beautiful shoot with Altomic Visuals for a High Fashion Concept that was absolutlely fantastic to do! We had a very bereakfast at Tiffany’s /Audrey Hepburn concept, but with a twist.. haha! Thanks Al and Thanks Jill Spaziani of Transglamtastic… It was an absolute pleasure!

I arrived in Chicago and got to attend the Pride celebrations which wer absolutely Fantastic. I’d never been and despite it being hot as all get out, it made for fun as their were a lot off sexy slippery bodies all smiling!

It could be because of stuff like this… LOL!

Its a scorcher today I heard it could get up to 103 degrees! So if you can get out and enjoy the sun its a great day to do it! But if the sun isnt your thing you could stay inside with the AC and spank to some hot fucking porn. Kelly And Ashley two had an amazing scene yesterday together…I’m not allowed to say anything else about it. But you will want to see it for yourselves when it comes out on their sites!

Well I’m off to go jump in Lake Michigan ;) Talk soon!



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